Solving Problems By Managing Risks


John Simpson


As a college student, I never thought about becoming a lawyer. I went to law school to avoid having to get a real job with IBM and join the real world.


Through a series of fortuitous events in 1973, I grew up a little, went to work for Johnny Splawn as a law clerk, and got married. The rest of that story is well chronicled. I am proud to say that I am still at the same business address and have the same phone as I did in 1973. Over the past 36 years our firm has represented many wonderful clients. We have won some cases and lost a few, but we always tried to do our best for our clients. Tom and I will continue to work hard for individuals and small businesses striving to provide quality legal representation at a fair price.


Our goal is to solve your problems by managing your risks. As a client, our promise to you is that we will listen, we will return your phone calls, we will address your emergencies promptly, we will do our best to make you comfortable in the legal arena, and we will work hard to champion your cause.


We appreciate the business we have. Nevertheless we have plenty of room for your legal matter. We look forward to the opportunity to continue providing quality, conservative legal representation to clients in Lubbock and West Texas.


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Tom Pitts

Tom Pitts


I graduated from Texas Tech in the summer of 1969, sold all of my possessions and hitchhiked through Europe. I returned to Lubbock in May, 1970 and made a late application to Texas Tech Law School. I was not accepted and found myself in need of a real job. After a brief, but eventful stint in the oil patch, I started teaching mathematics at Lubbock Cooper ISD. I continued my education and ultimately obtained a Master’s Degree in Administration. The superintendent, Harold Carpenter, had attended Baylor Law School and knew of my interest in attending law school. He encouraged me to apply again and I was admitted to Texas Tech Law School in August, 1980.


Like many idealists, I had been interested in the practice of law after watching “To Kill a Mockingbird” and admiring the work of Atticus Finch. I joined Johnny Splawn and John Simpson in April, 1985 and am looking forward to my 26th anniversary with the firm. My initial employment involved worker’s compensation and personal injury lawsuits. I have enjoyed the representation of individuals throughout my career. The practice of law has changed for John and me, but we continue to represent individuals and small businesses.


We have consistently maintained our interest in representing the individuals that we have served for the past decades. We will always be responsive to your calls and your needs and be available to our clients on all occasions. We will continue to provide zealous representation and will strive everyday to meet your expectations.


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