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Since 1991, Lubbock attorney's John Simpson and Tom Pitts, collectively, have served as mediators in excess of one thousand cases. The mediations have involved issues of automobile accidents, premises liability, products liability, medical negligence, hospital negligence, employment practices, commercial and consumer liability, first party insurance practices, banks and banking, business entity issues, agricultural issues, probate (wills and estates) and other matters. They have also served as arbitrators and on arbitration panels in both binding and non-binding arbitration.


At Splawn Simpson and Pitts, mediation fees are charged on an hourly basis and begin at $400 per hour for 2 parties or “camps” ($200 per hour each) plus $50 per hour for each additional party or “camp” thereafter (i.e., 3 parties = $450 per hour ÷ 3 = $150 per hour each), plus any expenses that might be incurred. Arbitration fees are set on a per case basis but generally are $400 per hour for time spent in hearings and $250 per hour for in-office review and drafting. Any required travel time is billed at $150 per hour plus travel expenses. A statement for fees will be forwarded to the attorneys after the mediation is closed.


Generally, a deposit or non-refundable advance payment is not required, however, we do require a $500.00 deposit with matters pertaining to family law. A statement of charges is sent to the lawyers in the case when the mediation is concluded. Our agreement to serve as mediator is an agreement among lawyers. We have no financial relationship with the clients of the attorneys for whom we mediate and invoice the attorneys for payment.


Generally, advance written case summaries, synopses, or briefs are not required. At the time of the mediation, each of the parties will have an opportunity to present their case in terms of the legal and factual issues. The ultimate decision-makers for all parties are expected to be present at the mediation.

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